Randi Glazer on Evaluating Risk in Real Estate Properties

Prospective homebuyers entering the real estate market rarely do so based purely on impulse, but there is still the very real possibility that emotion can find its way into the decision-making process and potentially have a negative impact on the ultimate outcome. Randi Glazer understands this possibility all too well, and she has consistently cautioned potential homebuyers to do everything possible to take emotion out the process with the goal of ensuring a more thoughtful and accurate evaluation of both the risks and the rewards of a particular property.

According to Glazer, the most critical decisions regarding a home purchase should be made long before the prospective homebuyer begins looking at properties in person. This may sound counterintuitive to some, but the fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to accurately evaluate a property at first glance. Instead, features should be evaluated according to the needs outlined before any property is visited.

This is not always particularly easy for some to accomplish, but it is worth reiterating that homeowners should clearly understand what features they are looking for in a home and what features represent nothing more than a nice bonus. Without advance preparation, it is quite common that prospective homebuyers are not able to effectively differentiate between the two. Given the fact that real estate is not exactly a minor investment for most, making a mistake carries a fairly sizable cost and is certainly not easily corrected. It is simply most ideal to do the evaluative work in advance to ensure the best possible choice is made with regard to a real estate property.