Easy Landscaping Projects Improve Real Estate Property Values

increase-property-valueOne of the simplest and most underrated methods for improving the value of a real estate property is through landscaping. A unique landscape that creates a number of useful spaces throughout the property will have a significant positive effect on the value of the real estate, and the projects that can be utilized often do not require a great deal of time or effort. Perhaps the most notable aspect, however, is the fact that many of these projects can be completed with very little financial investment.

According to Luke Weil, a simple pond with a fountain can be completed in a weekend by any homeowner. Placing a bench nearby and decorating the area with some colorful plants will create a great deal of perceived value among prospective homebuyers. Since this is a project that can be done cheaply and does not require any professional labor, the increased value becomes significant.

Of course, a water feature in the backyard is not the only improvement that can influence property value, and it should certainly not be the only improvement that is made. The key is to create a number of spaces throughout the property that are similar to the pond. For example, a pergola with a swinging bench could be positioned opposite the pond to create another practical space and add even more perceived value. A garden featuring a few simple fruits and vegetables can also create additional perceived value, and the value of a home will only continue to grow as more of these projects are completed.