May 19, 2015


Kim Bettasso is the founder of RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, a company for which she also serves as a financial advisor. As the founder, Kimra Bettasso is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s varied operations, and her role as a financial advisor allows her to work directly with clients who are therefore able to benefit from her significant expertise in all matters relating to investment management. It is the goal of RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit to provide the kind of financial advisement that so many are lacking, and Ms. Bettasso aims to provide all of the company’s clients with a detailed and individualized financial plan that will yield the kind of return needed to ensure long-term financial security.

The company is very popular among those who are nearing retirement age, and while the company is able to devise exceptional plans for clients who fall into this demographic, Ms. Bettasso has repeatedly emphasized that all members of the workforce should be carefully considering their long-term investment goals. Through RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit, Ms. Bettasso and her dedicated staff are able to help clients in any stage of their career develop and implement a plan that will help in securing their financial future.

An experienced professional in the finance industry, Ms. Bettasso spent many years working in a variety of roles that helped to enhance her vast knowledge with regard to investment management and financial planning. After a long and successful professional career, Ms. Bettasso saw an entrepreneurial opportunity that would ultimately become RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit. In founding the company, Ms. Kimra Bettasso hoped to fill a significant need in the industry, as there were many individuals who could seriously benefit from the type of individualized planning that Ms. Bettasso now provides through RETIRE LOGIC & 401k Legit. The company is now poised for continued growth thanks to the efforts of Ms. Bettasso, who has relied on her business and investment acumen in securing RETIRE LOGIC & 401k’s future success.